GLO is a research project funded by the European Research Council.

It is led by Dr Liana Chua, Reader in Anthropology at Brunel University London. The clients needed an independent website and it’s own branding identity for their project on Orangutan conservation.



The script style typeface gives the logo a hand made feel, wanting to make a connection with humans and creating a personal touch.

Keeping in mind the GLO project and name, a simple silhouette says more than a complicated coloured icon. Complimenting the hand written typeface the line drawing looks like a brush stroke, also a line that of an Orangutan would make if s/he was to use a paint brush.

Identifying the colour palette with the client ensures they can follow their colour scheme throughout all other marketing collateral on and offline.

The clients wanted to draw a bridge closer between Orangutan and society, therefore adopting graphical elements of the palm leaves and plank of wood surrounding the web page edges, it adds another layer to the GLO project and the web design. The design of the website is minimalist and fresh with hints of illustrative properties, the logo links with this too. 

What we’ve accomplished:


By completing research on similar projects we conducted an initial approach with 2-3 icon and work-mark logo designs. These were presented to the client, feedback was very positive.


Revisiting the brief is crucial this early on in the project to ensure I wasn’t getting carried away with the visuals. This allows me to discuss the direction of the brand and if it’s what is needed for the goal in hand.

Together, with the client we successfully created a logo which truly displays the nature of GLO’s work.


The final stage was to create designs for their own website. Since the GLO project had started, their information was within the University’s inner pages.

Having their own website enables them to be found organically and market themselves as their own entity.